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Entering The U.S. With A Criminal Record: Waivers vs. Pardons

Border Crossing Into The US

The Pardon vs. Waiver Misconception Entering the United States with certain criminal records requires only a waiver. You do not need a Canadian criminal pardon. It’s a common misconception we see about entering the U.S. with a criminal record. What Does a U.S. Waiver Guarantee? A U.S. waiver guarantees you will not be turned back…

US Border Crossing With Charges: What You Need To Know

woman crossing us border interviewed by us customs and border protection agent

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions online and in the press about crossing the US border with criminal charges or a pardon/record suspension. Some will lead you to believe that a pardon complicates border crossing. We are here to tell you professionally that that simply is not the truth. This article aims to…

Bizarre Facts About The Canada-U.S. Border

Canada US border

This fun video explores the history and some bizarre facts about the Canada – U.S. border:   You have likely read that the 8,891-kilometer Canada-U.S. border is the world’s longest shared border. Here are some lesser known stats about the Canada-U.S. border: Ports of Entry There are 124 ports of entry and oddly enough, two…