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Bizarre Facts About The Canada-U.S. Border

This fun video explores the history and some bizarre facts about the Canada – U.S. border:


You have likely read that the 8,891-kilometer Canada-U.S. border is the world’s longest shared border. Here are some lesser known stats about the Canada-U.S. border:

Ports of Entry

There are 124 ports of entry and oddly enough, two of these are one-way. Four Falls on the  New Brunswick-Maine border is a one-way entry to Canada and the Churubusco-Franklin Centre crossing a one-way entry from Quebec to New York state.


Canadians use tunnels to smuggle just like the Mexican Cartels. Years ago 3 men from Surrey B.C. dug a 360-foot tunnel from underneath a quonset on the Canadian side of the border to the living room of a residential house in Lynden, Washington.

Border Crossing Airports

There are six airports that have a portion of their facilities in both Canada and the United States. The closest to Winnipeg is the Piney Pinecreek Border Airport located on the Manitoba-Minnesota border. The northwest/southeast-oriented runway straddles the border with one ramps in the U.S. and one in Canada.

Trouble Crossing The Border?

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