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Pardons Video FAQ

Here are answers to the most common pardon (record suspension) questions we hear on a daily basis. For more information, contact us or call 204-453-0099.

This first video will run a playlist with all 9 of the most common questions back to back or you can scroll through and pick the question you wish to see.

Waiting Times For Pardons / Record Suspensions

How Long Does It Take To Get A Pardon?

Pardon eligibility varies. In general once your sentencing & fines are paid, a 5 or 10 year waiting period is required for convictions before being eligible to apply to get a pardon in Canada.

DUI – Driving Under The Influence

I have a DUI. Do I need a pardon (record suspension)?

Yes. A pardon is required because the DUI conviction is a criminal offense.

How Long Does It Take to Get A Pardon When I Have A DUI Conviction?

How Long Does It Take to Get A Pardon When I Have A DUI Conviction?

After fines and sentencing have been complete, a 5 year waiting period is require for a DUI summary offence.

Can I Travel To The U.S. With A Criminal Record?

Can I travel to the United States with a criminal record?

While eligibility for entry to the U.S. depends on the nature of the crime, a U.S. Waiver can be applied for to allow travel to the U.S. with a criminal record.

What Is the Difference Between A Pardon & A Record Suspension?

Pardons & Record Suspensions

The two terms essentially mean the same thing. The term record suspension is a newer term that has been employed for several reasons. Mitch explains.

How Do Pardons Work & How Do They Benefit Me?

Benefits of a Pardon

Mitch explains the benefits of increased freedoms in terms of travel, employment opportunity, education and more.

How Do I Start My Pardon?

Where To Start A Pardon Application

Getting started on a pardon application can be daunting. Pardons services makes it easy as Mitch explains.

Can You Do A Pardon Yourself?

DIY Pardons

Mitch explains the ins and outs of diy pardons.

How Long Does My Record Last?

Criminal Records

The length of time a criminal record lasts varies depending on the nature of the record. Remember that every contact with police is recorded. As to whether that ends up on your criminal records varies. Mitch explains in the video.

Are Pardons Being Eliminated?

Pardon Restrictions Vary Over Time

Both the cost and terms of applying for a pardon have changed over time making it at times easier and harder to receive a pardon. Current the government has reduced their fee to just $50 from over $650.