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Quick Guide To Canadas Marijuana Sales And Regulations

Quick Guide To Marijuana Regulations in Canada

On October 17th sparking up a joint will be legal. Smoking weed and sales of weed will be regulated just like, or in some cases, even more so than alcohol. Canadian pot smokers already use 4 times the world average and it’s not unusual to see someone smoking weed at an outdoor music festival or smell skunk when walking down the hall of an apartment building. Some of those activities will now be “regulated” in a variety of ways we might not have expected. That’s why we put together our quick guide to marijuana regulations in Canada.

The 2 Most Surprising Pot Regulations

In Quebec you can smoke marijuana wherever tobacco may be smoked, with the exception of universities & CEGEP campuses (Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel). Talk about a higher education.

Manitoba regulations will limit marijuana smoking to your home only

The freedom found in Quebec’s regulations is starkly contrasted by Manitoba’s comparably draconian regulations on smoking pot. From the CBC article: “Legalized cannabis users in Manitoba will be largely prohibited from consuming pot anywhere but in their own homes if a new bill introduced by the provincial government is passed into law”. The same article suggest the reason can be found in this quote from Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen: “We believe that starting off by looking at safety as the top priority and going further … than with smoking in some places and alcohol in others is the prudent approach.”

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Quick Guide To Canadas Marijuana Sales And Regulations-Full Version

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