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Border Crossing Into The US

Entering The U.S. With A Criminal Record: Waivers vs. Pardons

Border Crossing Into The US

The Pardon vs. Waiver Misconception

Entering the United States with certain criminal records requires only a waiver. You do not need a Canadian criminal pardon. It’s a common misconception we see about entering the U.S. with a criminal record.

What Does a U.S. Waiver Guarantee?

A U.S. waiver guarantees you will not be turned back at the border because of your criminal record. At the same time, there is no document that guarantees entry to the U.S. U.S. Customs as Border Patrol look for anything suspicious, as well as making sure your obeying all Customs regulations regardless of if you have a waiver or not. If they think you are not coming for the stated reasons you give them, or some other violation of their regulations, you are not getting into the U.S. It’s common to see people denied U.S. entry because they appear to be going to work in the U.S. Other reasons for being denied entry vary but that are many. Tell the truth and know the rules and you will be ok.

Check Your U.S. Waiver Eligibility

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