“Stayed Charges” May Appear On A Criminal Record Check

When you apply for a criminal record check, “stayed charges” may or may not appear in your Criminal Record Certificate. We would like to think the regulations would be clear as to what does and doesn’t appear in a criminal record check. The results of a criminal record check could change the course of a…

Employers & Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Checks Winnipeg

After a person completes their conditions imposed on a conviction, you might think their “payback” to society is completed and technically it is. However there is one last thing to do in order to get rid of the criminal record which can’t affect employment, education and travel. Unfortunately, until the waiting period of 5 or 10…

Pardon Scams: Who Can You Trust?


Pardons Services Ent. MB in Winnipeg has served the community for over 25 years. We have always operated under the same name because we take pride in the quality of our work and the trust we have built with our clients. In that time, we have seen a lot of companies come and go. Over the…

Fast Pardons Do Not Exist


Many pardon companies make claims of expedited pardons, fast pardons and other versions of the same promise. There is simply no such thing as a fast pardon. FACT: The Parole Board of Canada does not offer an option for “fast” processing of a pardon (record suspension) application. Still not sure? You can check the Parole…

Double Standard In Punishment For Illegal Pot Sales?

Michael Fischer

In recent article published in the Winnipeg Free Press a local defense lawyer has raised concerns about a double standard developing in the way post-legalization cannabis offences are prosecuted. The double standard he mentions involves whether a person selling illegal pot is prosecuted under the criminal code or non-criminal regulatory statutes. Two Crimes – Two…

Fast, Free Pot Pardons Available This Year?


The Liberal government has tabled Bill C-93 to amend the Criminal Records Act so that Canadians convicted of pot possession before legalization will receive a criminal pardon. The Highlights The usual filing fee of $631 will be waved. The bill is expected to pass by summer. The bill is aimed at simple possession. Roughly 55,000…

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Criminal Records Surprisingly Common in Canada

A Criminal Record includes arrests even if charges are dropped.

While most people will think that the often quoted statistic that 10% of Canadians have a criminal record is high, when we break down criminal records by sex it’s even more surprising. According to Public Safety Canada*, Over 23% of Canadian males age 12 and older have a criminal record. That number is much lower…