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Winnipeg fingerprints - James Bond

Can Fingerprints Be Faked?

Thanks to the smartphone, fingerprinting technology has become a mainstream security feature. Despite this, the novelty of duplicating someone’s fingerprints to defeat security has raised a question in our office: “Can you copy someone’s fingerprints and use them to defeat bio-metric security?”

Immediately after asking the question, the classic James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever came to mind. In the film there is a scene where James Bond uses fake fingerprints uses to assume the identify of Peter Frank. By the way, Sean Connery is still the best James Bond to date!

James Bond removes fingerprints - Winnipeg Pardon Services offers Fingerprinting Services
James Bond peels off his fake fingerprints in Diamonds Forever.

Here is a clip with the original scene when Bond has his prints lifted and checked by the character Tiffany Case played by Jill St. John.

So, we know Hollywood dreamt up the idea long before modern electronics. But is it possible to defeat an optical fingerprint scanner? For that answer who better to turn to than the MythBusters? Below is a clip from MythBusters Episode 59: Crimes and Myth-Demeanors 2. Carrie covertly takes a copy of Grant’s fingerprints and it is up to Jamie and Adam to duplicate his fingerprints to open a high security door secured with a fingerprint scanner.

All this was of course for entertainment value only. We don’t recommend you have anything to do with faking fingerprints as the negative consequences could easily end in grief. If you are need of digital fingerprinting for a security clearance or other legal documents, give us a call at 204-453-0099. We often have same day appointments available – call early.