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sorry canada apology laws

The Apology Act: Sorry, It’s Real.

sorry canada apology laws

If there’s one thing Canadians are known for internationally it’s for being polite and overly apologetic. We say the word sorry far too much. In what other country would two people run into one another and both say sorry even though one party was obviously wrong?

So ingrained in Canadians is the need to not start a conflict and express sympathy for our actions, that almost every province and territory has gone to the point of enacting an Apology Act. In fact, the protection afforded by the apology legislation is significantly similar from province to province. We are all sorry – equally?

Canadians generally want to avoid conflict to the point we automatically say sorry…for everything.

The key objective of our apology legislation is to reduce the concern about the legal implication of making an apology. It typically provides that an apology:

  1. does not constitute an admission of fault or legal liability
  2. must not be taken into consideration in determining fault or liability
  3. is not admissible as evidence of fault or liability

The protection extends to court proceedings and proceedings before tribunals such as those held by a professional bodies disciplinary committee.

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