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Pardons Improve Job Opportunities


For many HR departments the first step is to remove any application that has a check mark in the box next to criminal record. Having your employability limited by what is often a single minor crime, is incredibly frustrating and most likely less than financially rewarding. The criminal justice system’s goal is rehabilitation and have a person convicted of a crime renter society to lead a productive life that contributes to society. The one incredibly important item left out of the process, is explaining the fact that getting a pardon should be top priority.

Pardons Open Closed Doors

Once you receive a pardon (record suspension) many more fields of employment will be open to you. Successfully landing a good job will also allow you to afford better lifestyle for your family and give you the opportunity to build a career.

  1. Your application won’t be getting tossed in the first round because of that checkmark next to criminal record.
  2. Jobs in healthcare, legal, or financial institutions requiring security checks will now be open to you.
  3. White-collar jobs that often pay well and support working from home will most likely require a criminal record check.

During this time of quarantine due to COVID-19, having a cushy desk job that you can work from home is a real benefit. Maintaining an income while unemployment hits 30% is a real blessing. Not having to worry about paying bill payments, mortgage payments, and car payments takes a lot of stress off a person’s shoulders.

Traveling for Work

Many clients have told us the reason for applying for a Canadian pardon (record suspension) is to ultimately get a U.S. waiver to allow them to travel to the United States for work purposes. The last thing anyone wants is to travel for work and be turned back at the U.S. border because of an old criminal charge. In the worst-case, this can result in termination of employment.

Pardons Improve Access To Education and Training

College or University training for certain fields will absolutely require a criminal record check. Any job where you must work with people or money and are in a position of trust, will also have the education stream requiring a clean criminal record check. Also, many professional programs require a portion of the education to be a practicum in a professional setting or include several terms of work experience. These situations may also require criminal record checks for insurance and other purposes. Having a pardon take care of ahead of time eliminates any delay in starting an education for a new career.

A Pardon Seals Your Criminal Record

Until you get a pardon (record suspension) your record will show up on a criminal background check. Once your pardon is approved by the Parole Board of Canada your record is sealed and will not show up on a criminal record check.

How Do I Start the Pardon Process?

the first step is to determine eligibility and identify the corresponding waiting period to the degree of crime. We offer free private consultations that will give you a definitive answer on your eligibility and if you pleaded your waiting period. Contact Pardon services by calling Mitch at 204-453-0099 or using this page’s contact form.