3 Facts You Need To Know: New Impaired Driving Laws

dui laws have changed - pardon services

This holiday season will see police use changes to the impaired driving laws to charge both alcohol-impaired and drug-impaired drivers. Thanks to reforms in Bill C-46 back in June of this year impaired driving has become easier to detect and charge a driver with the offence. #1 Random Roadside Breath Testing Starting in December 2018…

Record Suspensions for DUI & Driving Over .08

DUI - Impaired Driving Check Stop

In Canada, when someone refers to a ‘DUI’ they are typically talking about a criminal charge for either Operating Under the Influence, or Driving with more than 80 mgs of alcohol per 100 ml of blood (more commonly known as having a Blood Alcohol Content more than 0.08). A pardon, or record suspension, will seal…