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The Truth about Canadian Pardons & US Waivers

Read this before you pay a faceless online pardon company that promises you a fast pardon for a premium free they can’t deliver!

Myth: Fast Pardons are available if I pay more money to speed up the process.

Fact: The PBC does not have an expedited service.
Call us and we will be happy to explain. 1-877-438-7020 or 204-453-0099.

Myth: Can get a Cheap Canadian Pardon?

Fact: Every company that files for a Canadian pardon on your behalf pays the exact same fees. Even a non-profit organization has overhead and the same fees to pay, so realistically, if you check all the Canadian pardon prices for every company across Canada you will find that the cost of a Canadian pardon will be almost the same in every city across Canada.

Myth: All companies start my Canadian Pardon Application as soon as I apply or make a time payment.

Fact: Some companies will allow time payments over the course of a year but they don’t begin the application until they cover the filing fees. That means you waste months making time payments before the company files for your Canadian Pardon.

Myth: I have a valid passport so I can travel to the United States.

Fact: A passport is a certified document that confirms citizenship. It does not guarantee access across the border If there has been a criminal offense, it is best to call our office to confirm eligibility to travel.

Myth: A FAST CARD will let me travel the border easily even if I have a criminal record.

Fact: FAST CARD is a joint program between the US and Canadian government. When approved, transport drivers can use the FAST approved lanes, allowing for easier and quicker access the border. However, if there has been a criminal conviction in the past, a Canadian pardon and a waiver may be required to be approved before participation in this program is granted.

Myth: SERIOUS criminal offenses do not qualify for a pardon.

Fact: Currently, most offenses may be pardoned. You may be required to wait either 5, or 10 years after the completion of your sentence to qualify. New changes with the criteria eliminates a record suspension for some sexual offenses.

Myth: Everyone can have their Canadian criminal record expunged.

Fact: Expungements of Canadian criminal records can be done where there has been a discharge,a stay of proceedings, or an acquittal.

Myth: A DUI does not make it impossible to cross into the United States.

Fact:A US Waiver is required to enter the U.S. for many crimes. However, if a drinking and driving conviction is the only offense, you will be allowed to cross the border into the United States.

Myth: YOUNG OFFENDERS can be pardoned easily

Fact: Offenses committed as a young offender typically cannot be included in the Canadian pardon. Should a youth offense appear on the adult record, it can then be included in the pardon submission. An offense under this act does not render you inadmissible to the U.S.

Myth: Only criminal acts can be pardoned.

Fact: Although offenses under other federal acts (eg. The National Defense Act, The Wildlife Act etc.) are not part of the Criminal Code of Canada, they can be included when submitting a Canadian pardon. Offenses under the highway traffic act, such as speeding, seat belt violations cannot be included in record suspension.


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