Quick Guide To Marijuana Regulations in Canada

Quick Guide To Canadas Marijuana Sales And Regulations

On October 17th sparking up a joint will be legal. Smoking weed and sales of weed will be regulated just like, or in some cases, even more so than alcohol. Canadian pot smokers already use 4 times the world average and it’s not unusual to see someone smoking weed at an outdoor music festival or…

BC & Ontario Pardon Eligibility Wait Times Reduced

gooddale-bc ontario shorten pardon wait times

B.C .and Ontario residents with offences prior to 2012 have had their pardon eligibility wait times for summary and indictable offences reduced to three and five years respectively. These were the eligibility waiting periods pre-Bill C-10. That’s down from five and ten years respectively, the current waiting periods under the Criminal Records Act. It’s important to note, offences…