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Drinking and Not Driving Yields A DUI Charge?

2 cops DUI - Impaired Driving Check Stop

It’s been over a year now that Bill C 46 made Canada’s tough driving laws even more strict. One of the biggest changes is that police officers do not require a reasonable cause to administer a breathalyzer test. One thing did stay the same: It is still illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration…

Record Suspensions for DUI & Driving Over .08

DUI - Impaired Driving Check Stop

In Canada, when someone refers to a ‘DUI’ they are typically talking about a criminal charge for either Operating Under the Influence, or Driving with more than 80 mgs of alcohol per 100 ml of blood (more commonly known as having a Blood Alcohol Content more than 0.08). A pardon, or record suspension, will seal…