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Who Can You Trust With Your Pardon?

Pardon Services has been in the pardons business since 1994 for a reason. Our clients trust us to give them fast, honest, successful service.

Are You Eligible For A Pardon?

Pardon (record suspension) eligibility isn’t always easy to determine on your own. Consultations by phone or in person at our Scurfield Blvd. office are free.
To setup a FREE eligibility consultation call 204-453-0099 or, fill out our contact form.

Fast Pardons?

Anyone promising you a fast or expedited pardon is not being truthful. There is no skipping the line. The Parole Board offers only one service and it’s first come, first served.
That said, we can speed up the application processing on our end because we are RCMP accredited for electronic fingerprinting and on-line criminal record checks.

Pardon Waiting Period

A period of time must be served before applying for a pardon. After the sentencing is completed, the “waiting period” begins. A summary conviction prior to a 5 year wait while an indictable conviction requires a 10 year wait. Should a fine be imposed as part of the sentence, the waiting period begins at the time the fine was paid in full. An absolute or conditional discharge given before 1992 will not be removed from your federal record. However, this can be purged by complying with the appropriate procedures.

Pardon Benefits

  • A Canadian pardon will seal all manner of criminal convictions in Canada.
  • A pardon will improve employment options and bondability.
  • Allows travel to foreign countries.

Once a Canadian criminal pardon is granted, no Canadian police agency, federal authority, or employer can access your criminal record.

Processing Time for a Pardon

A Canadian pardon may take an average of 6 – 12 months to process. Once a record suspension is granted, the Parole Board of Canada will contact the courts, federal and local police departments to remove this information from their files.

Winnipeg’s Pardon Services is RCMP accredited fingerprint  for pardon applications.

A Canadian Pardon Is Not Recognized By The United States.

A US entry waiver may still be required even though a pardon has been granted. A passport alone will not ensure safe border crossing if you have a criminal record.

Are you eligible for a pardon?

Use the contact form or call us to find out today:  1-204-453-0099