Border Crossing

US Border Crossing: Know Before You Go

US Border Crossing Tips

The U.S. Customs and Border Security (CBP) take their job very seriously and you should too. Canadians crossing the US border are being scrutinized more closely now than in previous years. According to The Globe and Mail, CBP agents turned away 27,772 people trying to enter the United States from Canada which represents an increase…

Why Should I Apply For a Pardon Now?

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Historically, putting off applying for a pardon/record suspension can be costly. Back in 2012 the Conservative government increased wait times to 5 years for summary offenses and 10 years for an indictable offense. If you became eligible to make a pardon application prior to 2012, but didn’t apply for a pardon before the laws changed, you now had to…

Can U.S. Border Guards Search Your Phone?


When crossing the U.S. border officers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, may ask to search your phone, tablet, or laptop. This includes asking for your password, making a copy of your data or even seizing the device for several weeks. Refusing to cooperate completely would likely result in not being allowed to…